About Smart Grid Technology Lab

Research facilities of ie3 are going to the next stage.

Our flexible R&D laboratory includes:

  • Reconfigurable low voltage (400 V, 3 phase) network
  • OPAL-RT© and dSPACE© real-time systems
  • Electric vehicles (Nissan©, Smart©)
  • Power amplifiers
  • Two MV/LV transformers equipped with on-load tap changers
  • Battery storage (redox flow, li-ion)
  • Configurable cable simulator
  • Photovoltaic inverters
  • Configurable loads, measurement devices, etc.
  • Licenses for the common software in the field of power systems
  • ... etc.


Smart Grid Technology Lab is a new smart grid research facility that will be among the leading ones in Germany when it is fully built. We carry out state-of-the-art research in the domains of power distribution systems and electric mobility.

Today, Smart Grid Technology Lab is a project of the Institute of Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency and Energy Economics (ie3) at TU Dortmund University, where the smart grid research platform is upgraded to open whole new possibilities. Tomorrow, we will help the communities of power distribution and electric mobility to push their limits.

We combine theoretical knowledge with practical research through collaboration projects with industrial and academic partners, both, on the national and international level. Strong bonds with the industry means that our work is meaningful in practice. Even if our main focus is on the power distribution systems and electric mobility, we are constantly exploring to expand our activities to other fields through multidisciplinary projects. We work in very close collaboration with Communication Networks Institute at TU Dortmund University in order to merge the know-how of telecommunications with our research portfolio.

Completing a facility like this takes time, but a great part of the equipment is already there. We are always open to new research collaborations. Just contact us to discuss and find out what we can do together.

Meet our Team

Jonas Maasmann (Ph.D.)

Electromobility, Smart buildings

Patrick Berg

Project management, Marketing and networking

Mara Holt

Voltage control, Prototype development

Sven Seibt

Development of the laboratory, Security and safety

Alfio Spina

LV Networks, Power hardware-in-the-loop

Christoph Aldejohann (Ph.D.)

Electromobility, Vehicle-to-grid integration

Kalle Rauma (Ph.D.)

Vehicle-to-grid integration

Ulf Häger (Ph.D.)

Research management


We would like to show you our latest contributions to the research community.


To tell you what we are doing in our laboratory, here is a bunch of related ongoing projects.